Monday, June 25, 2012

Waiting for the ACME delivery man.

It was really hot here a few days ago. This guy was casually laying about 50 yards from my backyard fence. I've seen coyotes pass by a few times (I hear them a lot) but never saw one just sort of..hanging out. he was off after about 15 minutes

Almost in time for pride weekend.

I like the way the colors came out in this.

I cleaned my plate!.

T-shirt concept. didn't like it. cute though.

Cupcake girl.

I don't remember what this was for either. But it's newer. from 2008.

I love the way you dress (2004)

Old drawing circa 2004. I forget what it was for. but rediscovering it made me laugh.

Starving no more!

thoughts going through my head recently.

"I should start an art blog"
"You did that a few years ago"
"No I didn't"
"yes you did, but never updated it"
" oh yeah!"

then i realized I was arguing with myself.